Set Sail with a super fun Summer craft

Summer is the perfect time to relax, and lay back for a little bit, right? It is the right occasion to make all the do-it-yourself projects you wanted to make during the year. Kids are all around with no schedule, no obligations or homework, just like you! They are so ready to have fun and make great projects with YOU. I imagine a simple craft you will be able to make and share together.

The summer boat can be use as a toy, or by this “small “size, it can be a place card for your evening parties. In that case use the flag to write your guest name on it. If you are making few of them to go into the water, I recommend using regular wood instead of balsa.

All the tutorial is in Handmade Charlotte today! I wish you will have as much fun as we did at home. Now crab all your supplies and let’s craft!

DIY balsa boat by La maison de Loulou-2

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