How to make a Fun RAINBOW PEASHOOTER party HORNS

Do you remember shooting things out of straws when you were little? Maybe things you didn’t like from the dinner table…like peas (hint hint)? I love going back to the basics and revisiting childhood toys. Sometimes it’s the simplest toys that are the most entertaining, and I can guarantee some outrageous fun and plenty of giggles with this one.

If you never got the chance to play with one as a kid, a pea shooter is usually a tube that launches its projectiles via blowing, like a blowgun or blowpipe. But don’t worry! These projectiles aren’t scary or dangerous, we’re just using craft pom-poms or felt balls here. 100% safe! They can be party favors for a birthday, or just some fun toys when you have kids over for a play date. No matter what the occasion, the kids will have fun.

A few days ago we were invited to an outdoor party and I wanted to make something special for the kids—a game they would play all together. I ran across some party horns in my supply bag and an idea for using them in a new way popped into my head. A few steps later, I surprised myself (and the cats)!

I imagined a little bag to go with the peashooter, designed some tags, and finally put everything together.

To find out what you need and how to make these Fun rainbow Pom-Poms Peashooter party Horns, visit Handmade Charlotte.


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