How to make a fun and easy colorful CORRUGATED PAPER BEAD NECKLACE

I think, this Do It Yourself’s is one of the most exciting and fun one I ever made! Yes, Yes I am promising you. I found it, start to end super FUN.

As you know Louise is in Summer break, so as Roman. So every morning during my son nap (the only one during the day), Louise and I are crafting together. It is our precious time, as mother and daughter. She is sharing with me her I-Pad game and in exchange I am sharing whit her my work. We are painting, crafting, making, coloring, giggling a so many more. Oh the chit-chat! all the time.

Last week I received my colored corrugated paper. Right away I was super happy and impatient to try to make the beads. The next morning we both pic our colors; I cut out of the corrugated some rectangles, triangles. Then we start to roll. And the result is magic. Few minutes later, we were ready to make our necklaces.

Here the result. The complete Tutorial is in Hello WonderfulDIY CORRUGATED PAPER BEAD NECKLACES

DIY corrugated beads & necklace by La maison de LoulouDIY corrugated beads & necklace by La maison de Loulou


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