How to make Colorful & Edible Homemade PLAY DOUGH

I love the smell and touch of play dough, but I don’t like the taste of it at all. Why not combine these two together, right? It would be the perfect match for everyone.

As any parent knows, little ones love to put everything in their mouth. To make matters worse, this particularly difficult phase is a long one as well. Early play dough crafting sessions are sure to end with a good bit of the colorful dough in their tummies as well.

My son, Roman is between two stages. He wants to play, but also taste if he can. On the other hand, my daughter is up to every yummy experience. Even as the summer comes to end, the ideas keep coming!

To make happy kids at home, I decided to make colorful and edible play dough. Lollipops, candies, and pretend ice cream were our way to go for DIY fun. The kids did their own cooking, picked their own colors and made their dough.

The recipe is easy and simple to make.

For the rest HANDMADE CHARLOTTE will give you the recipe: How to make Colorful & Edible Homemade PLAY DOUGH

Edible playdough by La maison de Loulou-tittle 3


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