I am trying to teach my kids about history. The French one but also the American. My daughter ask me the other day about Wild West, Indians, Cowboys, sheriff and Western.

So we look into some books; we read a couple of great stories about the subject. We learn a lot about that time and the culture, food etc. At the end it was great to know better.

I wanted to continue in that way so I found in my local toy store a pack of Wild West figurines. I took the Indians ones. The colors were more attractive for my taste. I figure I should be able to make them having fun with them, in a different way. Back home and after few days, I though: “what can I do with these? Maybe I can try to create a fun and colorful Indians Teepee Village? That way the figurines will integrate a background and a whole new story will take place. The fantasy Fun starts here.

So I designed a Teepee template, I print few of these and ask the kids to decorate them. I did on the side, my own version. At the end we all put our teepees together, took the figurines out and we all start to play. I have to admit it is a fun game to play with and related to what we learned before.

Summer is not over yet and we have a lot more games and toys to explore. But if you want like us have some learning and playing experience I recommend you that craft.

If you want to download the Teepee go visit Handmade Charlotte Blog.

Free printable Paper Teepee By La maison de Loulou


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