Halloween is almost here! This year, we are not only doing our traditional Trick-or-Treat walk through the neighborhood; we are hosting a Halloween party for the kiddos! There will be costumes, decorations, funny food, games and party favors bags!

There are so many great DIY crafts for decorations and funny Halloween-themed foods, but my main concern? Treats! Or, rather, what to store them in. I love these toilet paper roll treat bags because they are simple, super quick and easy. And “super quick” is important, seeing as I still have to work on my costume…

For this craft, you really don’t need much. In fact, just look around the house! It’s likely you have everything you need already. You’ll need several paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls, some paint and some black construction paper. Oh, and the most important part: all the yummy Halloween treats!

Come visit Handmade Charlotte to find out How to make these Halloween Party Favor Bags

HALLOWEEN PARTY FAVOR BAG by La maison de Loulou

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