Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Every year I have to come up with a new and original idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Not easy. They are a lot of controversies and opinions about Valentine’s Day. But when you have kids, this special day becomes a sweet day to celebrate. Most kids say “I LOVE YOU” any day of the year, but on February 14th it’s all the more special. We are celebrating LOVE!

For the past 4 years, I have been challenged with creating fantastic Valentine’s Day cards for Louise’s classmates. The more the years goes by, the more the cards are fun and less pink! With no chocolate or candies of any kind. Not my style!

I have always wanted to create a jumping puppet craft. Why not add wings to my Valentine’s Day heart? And why not make the wings move? So I tinkered with my cardboard, paper and twine and the prototype was born. Oh, you cannot imagine how excited I was the first time I pull the string… joy and happiness! That was it. This fabulous and surprising handmade Valentine’s Day card was the ONE.

The tutorial (simple) is in HANDMADE CHARLOTTE this week.

DIY Articulated Wings Valentine's Day Card by LA MAISON DE LOULOU


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