When I felt in LOVE of a Product, an Object, a Toy, a Book…I want to share right away; just because I am passionate and so excited; just because I am a kid inside; just because I am saying to myself:

“wow how clever and beautiful, well made and thoughtful it is” 

and I know the person(s) behind is sharing my feeling about her product as well.

This year I did not got the time to make an Advent Calendar for Louise and Roman. HAPPY KITS send me a friendly “hello” email few weeks ago about their work. I am always curious, so of course I went on the website. And just like that, I looked at everything, just like that I hear myself saying: oh WOW! Oh J’Adore! oh this is so clever! Oh look at the colors!  and I reply back sharing all my love and support to what they believed and worked so hard for.

Few french jokes after, I printed my Advent Calendar and I am very proud and happy to share it with you.

Happy Kits is proposing few KITS for kids and grow ups. No matter what scenario you are going to choose: TREASURE HUNT, A POLICE INVESTIGATION, SCAVENGER HUNT you are going to play, think and have so much fun. You just have to print all the printables, and the How To, and after you are ready to go. No matter what your age it is an activity you are sharing with others. 

For example in the Advent calendar Happy Kits personalized it with your kid’s names. Also, everyday is a surprise: you can have one day a clue to solve, a drawing to send to Santa, or a recipe to make and give, or a picture to take with the Happy Kits photo booth Elf hat etc. So much fun for the kids and me for the next 25 days.

Of course the kids don’t know what to expect! I secretly prepare all the days, fold and cut, and make the paper mailbox…etc.

I found my PERFECT ADVENT CALENDAR. THANK YOU HAPPY KITS for being so creative, poetic and fun.

And you?

Happy Kits Advent Calendar

Happy Kits Advent Calendar

Happy Kits Advent Calendar Happy Kits Advent Calendar

Happy Kits Advent Calendar

Happy Kits Advent Calendar


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