It is been a while. It feels forever. I Feel happy to write today, and come back with a craft for Agnes. I have been busy the past couple of months with projects and my family. I will take the proper time in my next post, to tell you more.

After a long Winter, Spring finally arrived! Pfioufff Colors reappears, birds came back, flowers bloom. Few days ago I was looking for some inspiration, and I found a old butterflies print. Colors were beyond beautiful. I took some paper and then I start to paint. That was the beginning of that craft.

First I use watercolors; but I am still learning that technique and I am still not good enough at it; so I switch with acrylic paint. After the butterflies done, I wanted to go a bit further; Finally by  folding, feeling the paper on my hands I made them a card.

My dear friend Agnes from Hello Wonderful is carrying all the steps. So come just take a look here: BEAUTIFUL PAINTED HANDMADE BUTTERFLY CARDS


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