Hello Hello. Long time no see!

It feel a bit intimidating to come back on the blog after so much time away from it. The pas few months I crafted for others and maybe too much. My inspiration and desire went away for a while. ok it is been too long!

But it is hard to run away from what you are passionate about.

I an very loyal to friends and people. Agnes from Hello Wonderful is one of my good friend; I am so proud of what she accomplish since the past years. Hello Wonderful became one of the most creative place for kids and families. So when she ask me if I wanted to “restart” and “recraft” for her I say YES. Even if I was a bit scared.

Over the Summer I got the chance to do snorkeling in different places. Life down there is quite an inspiration. The clay fish are my version of what I saw a couple of weeks ago. You can find the complete tutorial here: DIY PAINTED CLAY FISH


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