Let me introduce you my Book in collaboration with Steffie Brocoli

One morning, 12 months ago I received an email from Steffie. She ask me to collaborate on a craft book with her. Really? Me? Are you sure? Really really sure?

It took me few minutes to realized what she was asking me. I read her email 10 times at least.

Steffie Brocoli is one of the most talented illustrator in the world. Oh wouaww you cannot imagine how gifted, bright, nice, creative, colorful, sensitive, beautiful, professional, and incredibly generous this girl is. I have been her number one fan since a long time, and now I got the opportunity to work with her; she became my Rock Star. You can lean at any age from others, and I have learn so much with her. I would never thank her enough for that.

From mural paintings, books, DIY, textile, stationery, kids workshops etc, she is expressing her way to see the world with fun and colors.

So as you can imagine I say yes! 

Steffie worked in Paris when I worked in New York. We did some skype, we brainstorm few ideas, we craft and try few things and we end up with this 2 books! seems easy the way I am saying that, but it is true.

When you love what you are doing it is such a pleasure to do it. I got that feeling. I also have to say our Publisher MANGO EDITIONS was incredibly open mind to every ideas, witch make the process so easier. A big Thank You to you, Marion.

I also want to say a word about Maxime (Maxime Verret), Oh Maxime! He is our photographer who shoot all the crafts; Well it is not easy to capture and bring to life all the essence of an object. Most specifically crafts for kids. He did an incredible job; seeing all the crafts become real and so well pictures make all the difference.Trust me. I have been trying since the past 3 years!

Let’s get back to the Books.

We choose 2 themes we love: RECYCLE and PRINT.

RECYCLE because you seriously don’t need that much of craft supplies at home to be creative and have fun. Using your milk cartons and paint them are easy. Turning your eggs carton into mask is simple etc. On top of that recycling is very important. 

PRINT because you make any prints out of everything! A fruit, a napkins, a stencil etc; and apply any technique to that and your will turn them anything into a fantastic wrapping paper.

You don’t need to speak french to buy the BOOKS. All the crafts are easy and not difficult to make. The books are available here at MANGO EDITIONS

Grab a copy and CRAFT! Have fun and enjoy with your kids. If you want to send us your pics, well do it; you can also Tag us on Instagram!


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  • Anne says:

    OOOOO trop contente pour vous !!!
    Il a l’aire magnifique… des que je peux j’essaye de me le procurer
    encore toute mes félicitations!!!!

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