You cannot imagine how many miniature animals I am collecting. From the Farm to the Forest, Ocean and the Wilde they all find a home in mine!

I wanted to make a special home for the Farm animals we carry. A recycle square cardboard box, few pieces of tape, 2 or 3 cuts, and some paint: Voila! That is it.

I have a funny story about that Recycled Play Barn: most of the time I am making the craft and taking pictures in the same time. But for some of them, it is not working that way. Sometime I am messing up, I am trying 2 or 3 times the same craft until I am happy with it (I am always keeping boxes by the way, because I know I will use them at some point). So for that Barn I had made 3 farm Barns! 

Ends up Roman got one farm barn, Louise got one as well and I have one too! Now all the animals in the house had a place to live and a human to play with them! 

Hello Wonderful will show you all the steps: DIY RECYCLED PLAY BARN 


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