Thanksgiving is around the corner and it is the opportunity to be thankful. I wanted to do something special for the blog and for you. The other day I was getting some inspiration on THE BEST IDEAS FOR KIDS website and I saw this Turkey Handprint Craft; Wouaw, simple ideas like that are the BEST for me.

First I like the fact your kids are getting involve into the craft with their own handprints; then the Turkey shape, just blow me away; super clever. And to finish when you open your card your littles ones hands appear. At that time you have to write for what you are thankful for. Genius, simple and thoughtful.

I wanted to do my own version because if I felt so amazed by that craft, how your kids are going to feel?

You only need colored construction paper, glue, scissors and a marker. First you fold your paper in half; then you write your little one handprint; you cut your handprint shape; then make some cuts for the feathers on the fingers (I know); cut a pointy nose, a crown and few accessories; Now you can glue; Oh and draw the Turkey eye, please. Open your card and then write a note and why you are thankful for; 

That is it. 


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