Do you know the Art of KIRIGAMI?

This is a form of paper art where, instead of Origami, you fold and then cut. I invite you to click on the Kirigami to learn more about it. But mostly when you are doing paper snowflakes during holiday season it is Kirigami.

I always have some hard time to make snowflakes, AKA I don’t know how to make good snowflakes! so instead I decided to do cards and make some paper cut animals. I play with the colors and shapes. It is very addictive and when you start you can’t stop. I made an entire series and create different sort of animals. So much fun. It is a fantastic activity for older kids, around 8 years old to 41 and more.

If you want to know how to make these go check the full tutorial of these KIRIGAMI ANIMAL CARDS to Agnes blog HELLO WONDERFUL 

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