Candy Cane Thoughtful Advent Calendar

Oh I am so behind! I did my Advent Calendar today and we are the 1st December! 

It took me some time to get inspired. Advent Calendars are hard and long projects. But it is been cooking in my mind since few weeks. I couldn’t find the time to make it or bee really into it. As every year it is a thoughtful / fun Calendar.

I am trying hard to teach them some values I deeply care about. Plastic toys or candies (especially after Halloween) are not my cup of tea. Having fun over the month of December is definitely in my agenda; Pancake for dinner, giving away toys or clothes to the ones who need, bring a dinner to our old neighbors, make funny cookies, or having an ice skating evening, etc… 

My inspiration start with a paper stocking, and them I though about what to put in my stocking… It took me a while to figure all out until this morning, when I was on my way to a meeting. Why not use one stocking and 24 candy canes? every day I will put a candy cane on the stocking with a cool activity to do or make the same day? 

Back home on a Friday afternoon; Both kids are hanging out and I am making my late Advent Calendar. Today the Candy cane was “Friday Movie = Home Alone”; handmade pizza’s, a good Christmas movie and all was good.

There is no tutorial (sorry for my lack of time) but I found on Pinterest some Candy Cane free printable, same for stocking. After it is a question of patience: you print and cut and glue and write what you want on each candy canes.

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