Every year I am making a wreath; it is a tradition. Don’t ask me where it is coming from but I love it; 

As you know I am a recycled kind of girl; paper is my thing. Like the past ones I am still working with cardboard and paper. Today I am sharing the tutorial. 

I found the bow template on Pinterest


Construction colored papers + glue + compass or hole punch + nice colored string + cardboard 


  1. Start to make circles out of your colored construction paper; use your compass to make different sizes or your punch. Then cut each of them. Set aside.
  2. Take your cardboard and make a big circle and then a small one, keeping the center as the reference. Cut your wreath.
  3. Now glue your circles to your wreath.
  4. Print your bow template on a colored paper, cut and glue it. Add it to your wreath.
  5. Last touch attach your string to your wreath, and hang it.





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