When it come to wrap during the Holidays you can go crazy; I try each year to have a theme. I am a last minute kind of girl, so the wrapping time has to be fast, easy, personalized, original and fun; PFIOUUU it is already too much! 

This year I mixed few inspirations together: mitten/hat and gingerbread. They have nothing to do with each other but who care; The overall is working for me and that what matter; As long as you are happy with your wrapping present, go for it.

Back to the craft I glue my mittens/hat/gingerbread men on my presents, BUT I will also use each of them as tag as well.

First I chose a theme color: craft brown-ish; then I went on PINTEREST and I printed my templates on my construction paper; 

For the GINGERBREAD MAN, I cut my template and with the help of a white marker, I draw few elements, like the buttons; I cut a paper hat out of some white paper and I had a craft pompon on top of my hat. HOP now you glue. Do the same for the bow. I like playing with the scales, just because presents can be small or big. When your present is wrap glue your gingerbread men on top of your present and draw snowflakes all around him. You are done. For the tag, use a punch, then pass a nice sting and make a knot. That is it.

For the HAT/MITTENS, I cut my templates and with a black marker I draw few lines.  For the Pompon and Tassel either you can use some craft ones either you can make your own. I made a pompon (and some tassels) out of leftover yarn and add a small bell at the end of the pompon precess; with my punch I made a hole to my hat/mittens and I pass my pompon/bell; Finally I did a knot. That is it; Glue on your present and use as tags.

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