This is my last post of the year. I have a tone of words and thought to share, but I am not very good at writing. 

I start La maison de Loulou in 2011; what a journey! hard work, fun work, emotions bad and good, adventures, personal doubts (a lot), tears and laughs, in a single word a whirlwind. I have grow, I have learned, and I never been that much passionate and happy by crafting and most important sharing with you.

This community is incredibly thoughtful, kind and creative. 

Thank you for reading me. Thank you for being here. 

To finish the year I wanted to spread good thoughts. Ojo De Dios or God’s Eye means “the power to see and understand things unknown”; it is also a very fun craft to make. With the kids we sat down a couple of weeks ago, and made an entire serie. Louise gift all of them to her good friends; I have mine ready.

You can find lots of tutorial online; mine is in my dear friend Agnes from Hello Wonderful: Ojo De Dios Ornament yarn craft



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