May 2018 be a wonderful year for you and your families.

No Big resolutions on my side; How about you? 

It’s seen pretty early to post some Valentine’s craft, but it is been a couple of weeks this craft is ready! such as the ones who will follow. Now I am crafting like a “pro”:  I am just kidding! Winter crafts are made late Summer, Valentine’s ones during Thanksgiving etc. I have always been a “non organized spontaneous” craft girl, working last minutes on projects; I found myself over stress and sometimes with No Inspiration. Now I am thinking ahead and I feel more relax. I found my own balance for now.

Valentine’s cards are kind of hard for me, because I do not celebrate Valentine, and I do not like it; BUT I feel you can say I LOVE YOU to your friends, family, husband, kids, that day or any other day of the year! What I am trying to say is there is not a day to say I LOVE YOU.

First craft, a CONFETTI, “I LOVE YOU BOX” and Agnes from Hello Wonderful has the tutorial: HERE



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